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Diary of a Daughter in Diaspora

A collection of poems on diaspora, love, healing, and teaching. Founas explores what it means to be a daughter of Muslim Algerian immigrants in America, how the two cultures clash, and where she belongs. She fights back Islamophobia through poems that stand for women in hijab in a post 9/11 and Trump era. The writer shares intimate moments of romance, heartbreak, and learning to love herself. She also uses poetry during challenging moments of teaching in Detroit schools.

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Proceeds benefit Detroit classrooms and youth poetry programming! Help spark a revolutionary change in our youth through education, literacy, and poetry!

Bayan’s voice is necessary and poignant during a time in this nation when healing is revolutionary, a call to action.
— Jessica care Moore, Moore black press; Apollo legend; author of the words don't fit in my mouth, the alphabet verses the ghetto, god is not an American, sunlight through bullet holes
Diary of a Daughter in Diaspora courageously captures the local and global politics that structure our lives today.
— Evelyn Alsultany, author of Arabs & Muslims in the Media: Race & Representation after 9/11; co-editor of arab and arab American feminisms: gender, violence, and belonging
Founas proves that she is a creative and courageous writer that this generation needs.
— Kondwani Fidel, Civil Rights Literary award-winning author of Hummingbirds in the Trenches and Raw wounds